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Iroquois Lodge Postcards

Send a multimedia Masonic Postcard!

STEP 1:   Choose a card.

Click on the image to preview the full-size card and see the included caption.
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Gold S&C

Animated S&C

Square & Compass

Square & Compass

Indiana S&C

Adsit Cabin

Square & Compass

AuSable Chasm

Now pick your stamp.

STEP 2:   Choose some music.

To preview the song, click the speaker button beside its title.
Don't forget to click in the circle to enter your selection!

Auld Lang Sine
Highland Laddie
Oh Susanna
Semper Fidelis
Skaters Waltz

Step 3: Select your Text/Background Colors



STEP 4: Give Your Card a Title

STEP 5: Your Message Goes Here

STEP 6: Sign Your Card

STEP 7: Mail the Card
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